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1 Who is the leader?
2 Racing for the leader.
3 Proverbs.
4 Pictures.
5 Who is find many words.
6 Race for captains.

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The capital of Northern Ireland is…   -Belfast
The British flag is often called…   -Union Jack
What is the official residence of the Prime Minister of the UK?  –  10 Down Street
What is the size of the area of the Kazakhstan?  – 2, 717,300 square kilometers
What can you say about the continent of America?  -South and North America


The capital of Wales is… -Cardiff
The London underground is often called…  -Tube
How many planets are there in the solar system?  – 8 or 9
What are the names of the continents?   -7 Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Antarctica.
What is the name official of G.B.   – The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


1 Transport in London
2 The Orient Express
3 High speed trains
4 British schools

1 Proverbs

  1. Better be born lucky than rich.

Таудай талап бергенше бармақтай бақ бер.
Не родись красивой, а родись счастливой.

  1. East or west home is best .

Ел-елдің бәрі жаксы, Өз елің бәрінен жаксы.
В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.

  1. Don’t make a mountain out of molehill.

Бүйректен сирақ шығарма.
Не делай из мухи слона.

  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Жоқ кезде дос-дос, бар кездегі дос-бос.
Друзья познаются в беде.

  1. Every country has its customs .

Әр елдің салты басқа.
Сколько стран, столько и обычаев.

2 Proverbs
1 So many country, so many customs.
Әр елдін салты басқа.
Сколько стран, столько и обычаев.

2 Fish begins to stink at the head.
Су басынан тынады, балық басынан шіриді.
Рыба гниёт с головы.

3 It is never too late to learn.
Тал бесіктен жер бесікке жеткенше үйрен.
Учиться никогда не поздно.

4 Live and learn.
Өмір бойы ұйрен.
Век живи, век учись.

5 Christmas comes but once a year.
Күнде той боп жатқан жоқ.
Праздник бывает не каждый день.
1 Double decker
2 Trains

1 What does the conductor have to give you?         -Ticket
2 How the bus which goes on long distance is called?     – Coach
3 On what floor it is impossible to smoke?       – On the 1
4 Where can you catch a bus?   – On the bus stop
5 What Is the lower deck?         –  inside
1 What is TGV?              – Trains a Grande Vitesse
2 What is APT?                  – Advanced Passenger Train
3 In what did the Orient Express make its last journey?   -1977
4 In what did the Orient Express begin first journey?    -1883

Speed of 250 miles an hour.     -Transrapid

Race for captains.
1 Irregular verb
Break-…-…       -broke-broken
2 One sentence in Present Simple
3 What is the Gerund?    -Form Ving
4 How many Conditionals?  5
5 Translate

The UK consist of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

1 Irregular verb
Find – …-…    -found-found
2 One sentence in Present Simple
3 What are these verbs: can, may, must, should    -modal
4 Third Conditional Form       -If + Past Perfect + would have been
5 Translate

The UK of Great Britain have four parts.


1 топ 2 топ
1. Who is the leader?
1=1 балл
2. Racing for the leader.
3. Proverbs.
3 тілде =
3 балл
4. Pictures.
1=1 балл
5. Who is find many words.
1=1 балл
6. Race for captains


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