“Kazakhstan is my motherland” «Менің Отаным-Қазақстан»

Гульбулбул Гожалимова. Алма-Ата, Казахстан.


The aims of the lesson:     Сабақтың мақсаты:

  1. To enrich the pupils’ knowledge giving them more information about Kazakhstan
  2. Оқушылардың  Қазақстан  туралы білімдерін толықтыру және бекіту.
  3. To develop the pupils’ reading, speaking and writing skills and interest to the English language.
  4. Оқушылардың сөйлеу, оқу және жазу қабілеттерін арттыру.
  5. To bring children up to love a country and to be patriots of their motherland.

Оқушылардың Отанына деген сүйіспеншілігін арттыру, туған елін сүйетін патриот  болуға тәрбиелеу.
Сабақтың түрі: дәстүрлі
Сабақтың типі: аралас
Сабақтың әдіс-тәсілдері: Топқа бөлу, сұрақ-жауап, әңгімілеу, тақырыпқа байланысты мақал-мәтелдер.
Көрнекі құралдар: интерактивті тақта, карта, тақырыптық суреттер.
Сабақтың тақырыбы және мақсатымен таныстыру

Dear students the theme of today’s lesson is about Kazakhstan .

Ұйымдастыру кезеңі:

  1. Organization moment:

Teacher: Good morning children! How are you? I’m very glad to see your  at English lesson again.

  1. Phonetic drill

Dashing   through the snow
In a one-horse  open sleigh
Over the fields we go,
Laughing  all the way.
Bells on bob-tail ring,
Making spirits bright,
What fun it to ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight!

  • To divided pupils in two groups

Firs group named after Eagle
Second group named after Shanyrak
Үй тапсырмасын сұрау

  1. Checking up home task.
  2. Kazakhstan got its independence on the…….
  3. The President’s residence is in…….
  4. The population lives mostly in ………,……..,……..
  5. Warming  up

In our country Kazakh is the official languages as your English, but it is not only languages spoken in it. Our President N. A. Nazarbayev said: “Every person in our country must know three languages: Kazakh is a state language, Russian as a language of international communication and English as a widespread language in the world, as a language of the business and new technology”

VI    The theme:  Жаңа сабақ
“Kazakhstan  is my motherland”
When we say “motherland” we remember our house, street, village and school. Every man has his own Motherland.  What proverbs about the motherland do you know?
Let’s remember the proverbs about home, motherland, place in three languages.
Kazakh proverbs

  1. Отанды сүю – отбасынан басталады.
  2. Отан – құат, отбасы-шуақ.
  3. Отан-оттан да ыстық.
  4. Отансыз адам-ормансыз бұлбұл.

Russian proverbs

  1. За морем веселье, да чужое, а у нас и горе , да свое.
  2. Если нашел счастье дома, не обратешь и на чужбине.
  3. На чужой сторонушке рад своей воронушке.
  4. В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.

English proverbs

  1. Men make houses, women make homes.
  2. So many countries, so many customs.
  3. East or West, home is best.
  4. There’s no place like home.

Work with map

  1. Where is the Republic of Kazakhstan situated?
  2. What is the size of the area of Kazakhstan?
  3. What is the capital of the republic?
  4. Where is it situated?

Work with poster
Test yourself

  1. When did Kazakhstan become an Independent State?

a)1978        b)1991      c) 1994

  1. What does Shanyrak symbolize?
  2. a) Freedom
  3. b) Home and peace
  4. c) History of Kazakhstan
  5. Who is the Head of the State?
  6. a) President
  7. b) King
  8. c) Chancellor

VII.  Conclusion
Our lesson about our country is over, thank you for your attention!
VIII. Home task: Please, write down your home task.

To write an essay about Kazakhstan


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