Шығыс Қазақстан облысы, Абай ауданы, М.Әуезов атындағы орта мектептің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Құсаинова Гүлжан Орынбекқызы

Тақырыбы: Наурыз
Түрі : Жаңа сабақты меңгерту
Типі : Презентация
Сыныбы : 8
Пәні: Ағылшын

The aims of the lesson

Educational :

To teach and to speak students about holidays in GB and in KZ
To show their ability , knowledge.

Developing :

To develop communicative skills and abilities
To discuss holidays in GB,KZ
To work in groups,individual
To enrich their grammar

Practical :

To use vocabulsry ,to develope students habits and skills in reading,writing ,speaking,listening
To check their understanding

Methods of teaching


I.Good day ,dear children! How are you? What is your hometask?
The students are divided into 4 groups. 1. Winter 2.Summer 3.Spring 4. Autumn
1.What holidays in GB do you know?

2. What holiday is Christmas Day?

3.What association have you when you see Santa Clause?/ Stockings & Socks
Santa Clause is a person who gives children presents, gifts.
Stockings & Socks are things which the children leave hanging at the fir-tree to receive presents the next morning.

4.What are the traditional Christmas meal?
Turkey,Christmas pudding , Christmas Cake

5. You should read by heart the poem
III. Жаңа сабақ
Official holidays in our republic are 1.New Year Eve ,2.the international Women ‘s Day,3.the Day of International Solidarity of working people ,4. Independence Day,5. Nauryz meiramy . Our new theme is Nauryz. It is the most important Kazakh holiday of the year. Nauryz is spring holiday on the day of vernal equinox.[i: kwinoks ]Every year peple in our village celebrate this holiday.
Kazakh has many customs & traditions which we show on this holiday.
Presentation of new theme
1. Student of “Autumn “ group about the traditional Kazakh home
2. Student of “Summer “ group about the traditional Kazakh clothes
3. Student of “Winter “ group about the traditional Nauryz food
4. Student of “Spring “ group about the traditional Kazakh games

1. How many parts is Kazakh yurt consists of ?
2. Say “Nauryz Kozhe” ingredients
3. Say other Kazakh national games & tradition

IV . Exercise 3. Find Active or Passive

1. Some trees ________________________ by people.

a) plant b) are planted c) plants

2. People ____________________________ the Tower of London as a prison.

a) used b) is used c) using

3. They_______________________ my little sister a ticket.

a) have bought b) has c) have

4. This bridge___________________ last year.

a) is building b) build c) was built

5. Nauryz ______________________ every year.

a) celebrated b) is celebrate c) celebrates

V. Conclussion
Үйге тапсырма
Оқушы білімін бағалау
Сабақты қорытындылау

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